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Red Light, Green Light Take 2: Working on Nice Walking

One of the first games we shared here on Dog Trainer Games was Red Light, Green Light and how you could use the game to teach impulse control.

Recently, Marisha Maier sent in an alternative way to use the game—this one to work on loose leash walking with an automatic sit.

How to Play Red Light Green Light for Nice Walking

Either the instructor or a helper stands at the front of the class and calls out red light/green light.

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Teaching Dogs Good Behavior at the Door

Working on skills like “go to bed” and “stay”in training class are an important part of improving the dog and owner relationship, and their quality of life. However, sometimes students fail to make the jump in their own minds from the skill — “go to bed” or “stay” — to how they can use it in their everyday life.

Setting up and reenacting real-life situations in class can help them make this jump while also turning the process of learning these skills into a fun game.

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