Author: Juniper Zen

How to Teach A Chin Target

What is it?

The dog learns to place the bottom of his muzzle onto the top of a person’s open palm, and hold it there voluntarily.

Why teach it?

You start off teaching it as a simple targeting behavior with duration, but once the dog has the concept down, you can start adding distractions. Specifically, I teach the dog to hold the chin target for intrusive handling, such as looking in his ears, shining a light into his eyes, or putting medication into his nose. You can also use it as the basis of teaching a dog to hold his head still while you balance something on it.

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Recall Round Robin

This is one of the beginner-level games I play to get in lots of fun repetitions of coming when called. The dog should already have a basic understanding of coming toward someone when they hear their name or the recall cue.

This game requires at least two people, and three or four is even better. It’s a good one to play with kids.

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