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Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast Episode 07: Interview with Sue Ailsby

Episode 07 of the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast came out last week. In it I interviewed Sue Ailsby, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite takeaways from the interview. Sue Ailsby has done a little bit of everything when it comes to dog sports — from water trials to herding — but is particularly well known for her Levels training program. In this episode we talk about how that program came to be, and what she’s learned in over 50 years training dogs. A few great takeaways from our interview: “I took riding lessons for years...

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Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast Episode 06: Interview with Nancy Gagliardi Little

I’m a bit behind, but Episode 6 of the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast has been released and I wanted to share a few of my favorite excerpts from my interview with Nancy Gagliardi Little.

Nancy Gagliardi Little has been training dogs since the early 1980’s when she put an Obedience Trial Championship or “OTCH” on her Novice A dog, a Labrador Retriever. Since then she has put many advanced obedience titles on her dogs, including 4 additional AKC OTCH titles and multiple championships in herding and agility.

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Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast Episode 5: Interview with Loretta Mueller

Episode 5 of the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast was released on today and I wanted to share a few of my favorite excerpts from my interview with Loretta Mueller. Loretta Mueller has been involved in agility since 2003. Loretta and her dogs are no strangers to the finals at the USDAA World Championships and she currently coaches the World Agility Organization USA Agility Team. She also runs FullTilt Agility Training in central Minnesota. Outside of the agility world, Loretta has been involved in herding, competitive obedience, rally and service dog training. A FEW GREAT TAKEAWAYS FROM OUR INTERVIEW: “I’ve never met...

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How to be smart in a world of dumb dog trainers

Did that headline make you click? Since you’re reading this, I’m going to go with yes — and I can’t say I’m surprised. When I first saw the original version of it, it made me click too. The original? It was “How to be smart in a world of dumb bloggers,” a blog post over on SmartBlogger. Yup, that’s right — I totally stole the headline from Jon Morrow. And he says you should too. In fact, he’s got an entire ebook about it… (No really. It’s called Headline Hacks and it’s awesome — you can get it on...

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Dealing with Fear in Puppies: Rewarding Their “Bravest” Moment

Puppy socialization can be a tricky topic in a training class. In general, you want to encourage socialization… but there are so many ways socialization can go wrong. Many puppy owners take it to mean “expose the dog to ALL THE THINGS!” without considering carefully enough whether or not those experiences are positive for the dog. During the 6 week puppy class I used to teach, we focused on a different type of socialization each week — talking about people, noises, surfaces, weird objects, and household items (vacuums, brooms, blow dryers, etc). In each class I’d repeat the same mantra:...

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