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Teaching Dogs to Make the Right Choice: Learning to Come

I’ve previously shared games for teaching a strong recall, but this one is always my favorite. I use it in my recalls class at Superior Dog Training.

It’s called the magic bowl game and it’s all about teaching dogs how to make the right choice—namely, coming to you, even when there’s something else in the environment they want.

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Recall Round Robin

This is one of the beginner-level games I play to get in lots of fun repetitions of coming when called. The dog should already have a basic understanding of coming toward someone when they hear their name or the recall cue.

This game requires at least two people, and three or four is even better. It’s a good one to play with kids.

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Preventing “Grab & Go” or “Dine & Dash” Recalls

Have you ever seen a student call their dog, cookie in hand, just to have the dog zoom up, steal the cookie, and take off running?

This is a pretty common problem in basic dog training classes.

Students know they need to use their cookies to teach their dog to come, but their dogs quickly figure out that recalls often mean the end of whatever fun they were having before their owner called their name.

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Recall: Using Chase Games To Teach Dogs to “Come”

The biggest problem people run into with teaching a recall (the come command) is that they tell their dog to come only when it means the end of all the dog’s fun—after they finish doing their business outside, when it’s time to leave the dog park, when it’s time to cut their nails, etc.

So teaching a good recall is all about using fun games to teach the dog that a saying “come” can be the start of a fun game, instead of the end of whatever they’re enjoying.

I use chase games as a fun way of teaching a dog this.

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