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Beyond the Backyard: New Location in Week 3

I’ve talked before about Denise Fenzi’s Beyond the Backyard book and class, which I teach — today I wanted to share a few additional exercises that I’ve added into the class during Week 3.

As the “bonus” exercise for week 3, Denise suggested trying to work in a new location.

I teach the class indoors at our training center — and so our “new location” is outside. And, as almost any dog trainer would predict, the moment we go from inside to outside we suddenly have very different dogs.

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Slow Treats: Teaching Impulse Control

Dog training is all about teaching dogs to make good choices and helping them to understand that their choices have consequences.

One of the simplest, yet most effective, games I know to teach this to young puppies or dogs new to training is the slow treats game.

Most dogs can learn this trick within minutes — yet it’s actually teaching a fairly complicated, and “zen” concept: if you want the cookie, you must stay away from the cookie.

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Beyond the Backyard: Train your dog to listen anytime, anywhere!

Late last year Denise Fenzi released her book, Beyond the Backyard: Train your dog to listen anytime, anywhere! and with it she released an instructors guide, for dog trainers who wanted to offer it as an advanced dog training class.

I’ve run through the program several times now with my own classes; I’ve found it to be an excellent program for teaching distraction proofing basics and helping to bridge the gap between rewarding all the time and weaning dogs off of cookies.

While working my way through the program, I’ve come up with a number of “games” that I use as bonus games…

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