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Beyond the Backyard: Train your dog to listen anytime, anywhere!

Late last year Denise Fenzi released her book, Beyond the Backyard: Train your dog to listen anytime, anywhere! and with it she released an instructors guide, for dog trainers who wanted to offer it as an advanced dog training class.

I’ve run through the program several times now with my own classes; I’ve found it to be an excellent program for teaching distraction proofing basics and helping to bridge the gap between rewarding all the time and weaning dogs off of cookies.

While working my way through the program, I’ve come up with a number of “games” that I use as bonus games…

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What Goes Up Must Come Down – Making Things Easier As Well As Harder

Dog owners often like to make things progressively harder on their dogs, because they know they’re working toward a GOAL and they want to get there — but our dogs are more like kids, and if the math problems just continue to get harder, they give up.

In order to keep our dogs in the “game” and working with us, it’s important to alternate hard work with easy work.

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Teaching Dogs Good Behavior at the Door

Working on skills like “go to bed” and “stay”in training class are an important part of improving the dog and owner relationship, and their quality of life. However, sometimes students fail to make the jump in their own minds from the skill — “go to bed” or “stay” — to how they can use it in their everyday life.

Setting up and reenacting real-life situations in class can help them make this jump while also turning the process of learning these skills into a fun game.

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