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Beyond the Backyard: New Location in Week 3

I’ve talked before about Denise Fenzi’s Beyond the Backyard book and class, which I teach — today I wanted to share a few additional exercises that I’ve added into the class during Week 3.

As the “bonus” exercise for week 3, Denise suggested trying to work in a new location.

I teach the class indoors at our training center — and so our “new location” is outside. And, as almost any dog trainer would predict, the moment we go from inside to outside we suddenly have very different dogs.

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Teaching Dogs to Walk On A Loose Leash (No Pulling!)

Loose leash walking is perhaps one of the most important “quality of life” skills a dog can learn, since a dog that walks nicely is much more likely to get taken along when their people head out and about in the world.

But there are almost as many different ways to teach loose leash walking as there are types of dogs.

This post is a round up of some of my favorite ways to begin to teach a dog loose leash walking.

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