Competitive Obedience GamesSince many who train their dogs for obedience trials are competitive by nature, these games are challenges between participants. These games are fun for dog club picnics and holiday parties.

1) Find my shoe!

For dogs that are doing scent articles, this game is really fun. Each handler removes one of his/her shoes and tosses it into a pile in the middle of the floor. Each dog is sent individually out to the pile to find the owner’s shoe. This is definitely a different take on “find mine” for scent articles. When I first played this game I had a sheltie and he found my shoe but decided it was too heavy to pick up. Everyone had a great laugh over that.

2) Hula hoop dumbbell toss.

It’s best to draw chalk lines in circles and then place a hula hoop — outside the circles. A small middle area chalked in becomes the top point getter (a bullseye!), with the points getting lower the further out the dumbbell lands. If it lands outside the hoop, no points.

Each participant is allowed three throws and points can be counted for only the best one or they can be totaled for all three throws. The top point getter wins bragging rights and maybe a small prize.

3) Scent hurdle racing, modified.

This sport never gained traction in the midwest where I live, but I understand it had a good following on the west coast. This uses the same principle as the shoe find, only you use dumbbells.

Use flyball-type jumps and place each competitor’s dumbbell lined up where the flyball machine would normally be. If you have plenty of jumps, you can have two dogs running at the same time as in flyball; but for dogs who do better running by themselves, each can be timed.

The fastest dog to go over the jumps and retrieve his/her own dumbbell wins.

This post was contributed by Cheryl May via Facebook. Photo Credit: Liz West