It’s been a while since I posted new content — but I wanted to share an exciting new project I’ve been working on: I’m hosting the new Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast.

We’ve released 2 episodes so far, the first an excellent interview with FDSA founder Denise Fenzi.

Denise has competed in a wide range of dog sports, titling dogs in obedience, tracking, Schutzhund, Mondioring, herding, conformation, and agility.

She is best-known for her flashy and precise obedience work, as demonstrated by two AKC OTCH dogs and perfect scores in both Schutzhund and Mondioring sport obedience. Her specialty is in developing motivation, focus, and relationship in competition dogs, and she has consistently demonstrated the ability to train and compete with dogs using motivational methods in sports where compulsion is the norm.

A few great takeaways from our interview:

“It’s much easier to say, ‘Correct your dog when the dog sniffs,’ than to take the time to try to figure out why the dog is sniffing and then adjust your training, i.e. my training, to get the handler to do it correctly.”

“So rather than thinking, ‘how can I get the dog to do this for me?’ I’m more in a place of, ‘how can I get to a point where I can enjoy my time with this dog?’ And instead of thinking, ‘how can [I set up the] environment so that time spent with me is the best part of their day,’ I’m thinking more, ‘how can I become important to this dog so they want to do things with me?'”

“It may make you feel better to say, ‘You’re dumb to think that way,’ but you won’t change behavior. If you say, ‘This has been my experience,’ now you might actually change behavior, but you have to give up being self-righteous, and that’s not always what people have in mind.”

Click here for the Podcast site, with the full transcript and videos on how to subscribe if you’re new to podcasts.