barney gee 2bThis is one of the beginner-level games I play to get in lots of fun repetitions of coming when called. The dog should already have a basic understanding of coming toward someone when they hear their name or the recall cue.

This game requires at least two people, and three or four is even better. It’s a good one to play with kids.

How to Play Recall Round Robin

Give everyone a small handful of treats and have them spread out in a circle around the dog. The humans take turns calling the dog, rewarding him for each successful recall. If the dog runs to the wrong person, she should just ignore him.

Most dogs enjoy dashing back and forth among their family members, creating a positive emotional response to “Fido, come!”

How to Increase Criteria When Playing Recall Round Robin

To make the game more difficult, the humans can expand the circle and spread out over a large area, to add the element of “distance” to the recall. Or you can place toys or other objects on the ground to add “distraction.”